Vancouver Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Roland Luo is a top-calibre litigation law firm focusing on commercial litigation, family law, and immigration services. Located near the beautiful waterfront in downtown Vancouver and within a walking distance to the downtown courthouse, the firm offers multi-lingual, accessible, economical legal services to clients in British Columbia and across Canada. The firm also assists clients in cross-border issues, and its founder, Roland Luo, is licenced to practice law in British Columbia and New York.

Multi-Cultural & Multi-Faceted Legal Services

Roland Luo understands the unique cultural communities found in British Columbia and offers cutting-edge legal services in Chinese, French, and English. The firm is passionate about ensuring newcomers, foreign businesspeople, and property owners have fair, accessible legal services provided in their own language.

The firm’s founding partner, Roland Luo, has experience practicing in both the civil and common law legal systems in Canada. Paired with his knowledge of commercial, property, and immigration issues facing business and property owners on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border, Roland and his team are uniquely positioned to provide exceptional advice to clients throughout British Columbia. The team is sensitive to the anxieties faced by varying cultural communities when they are required to interact with the Canadian legal system and puts clients’ minds at ease by offering culturally appropriate, multi-lingual legal services.

Getting It Right the First Time: Economical, Tailored Advice

Clients of Roland Luo benefit from the firm’s wealth of experience and enjoy personalized legal services with competitive legal fees from a team that gets it right the first time. The firm’s knowledge of complex, multi-dimensional commercial issues enables it to offer economical, streamlined legal services tailored to each client’s needs.

Roland Luo’s extensive, multi-lingual legal skillset ensures that clients are not treated as a number but receive attentive, prompt file updates and responses to inquiries. The firm’s professional, responsive team endeavours to understand the complex nuances of each file so it can continuously provide proactive, individualized advice and representation.

Exceptional Representation in Complex, Multi-Jurisdictional Matters

With the ability to seamlessly provide quality legal services in multiple languages and across multiple Canadian and U.S. jurisdictions, Roland Luo provides unrivalled representation in challenging cases that involve multiple jurisdictions. Roland Luo and his team are experienced in matters involving parallel or concurrent jurisdictions and competing laws.

Using a diverse, multi-dimensional approach to these complex cases, Roland Luo is able to advise clients on the myriad of interconnected legal issues that can arise when newcomers or foreign business and property owners come into contact with the Canadian legal system. The firm is able to simultaneously handle complicated commercial interests, complicated immigration laws, and the ever-changing landscape of foreign property ownership in B.C. and across Canada.

Top-Tier Commercial Litigation Services

Roland Luo offers skilled, multi-dimensional representation to clients in complex commercial litigation disputes, especially those involving foreign property and business ownership.

Responsive Immigration & Canadian/U.S. Border Services

As part of its multi-disciplinary, comprehensive representation of newcomers and foreign property owners, Roland Luo assists clients facing stressful issues at the U.S./Canadian border. The firm understands the difficulty clients – particularly American, Canadian and Chinese nationals – encounter when attempting to cross between the United States and Canada or conducting cross-border business.

The Roland Luo team is dedicated to providing access to justice to foreign nationals facing border issues by offering multi-lingual, high-calibre legal services. Roland Luo and his team are available to provide swift, responsive assistance to clients with urgent, serious matters involving cross-border business and immigration matters, including visa applications, permanent resident (PR) status issues, and USMCA (formerly NAFTA) and other international mobility treaty-based disagreements.

Unique Family Law Services

Drawing from his unique experience in challenging property disputes, Roland Luo offers clients exceptional advice and representation in family law matters. As a result, the Roland Luo team is highly knowledgeable in complex family law issues involving competing jurisdictions and various challenging property claims.

Roland Luo advises clients across a broad range of cultural backgrounds on a variety of family disputes, including:

  • Multi-Jurisdictional Family Property Disputes
  • Pension Division
  • Family Mediation
  • Mobility and Relocation

Roland Luo: Offering Quality, Cutting-Edge Litigation Services in B.C. & Across Canada

With decades of experience in complex litigation matters, Roland Luo provides multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual, and multi-jurisdictional advice and representation to foreign property owners and investors in British Columbia and across Canada. Offering legal services in English, French, and Chinese, Roland Luo and his diverse team offer high-calibre assistance to clients across a spectrum of cultural backgrounds. The firm represents clients in difficult commercial litigation matters, complicated family law disputes, and stressful immigration/border issues.

Located near the beautiful Seawall and waterfront in downtown Vancouver, Roland Luo offers innovative, dynamic legal services to clients in B.C. and across Canada and the United States. To schedule a confidential consultation, contact the firm online or by phone at 604-800-4628.