Vancouver Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Commercial disputes are multi-faceted and involve a range of complex financial, legal, and business considerations. Roland Luo has extensive experience handling complicated commercial litigation, including urgent court actions, cross-border issues, and regulatory concerns. The firm offers cutting-edge, high-quality litigation services throughout B.C., across Canada and occasionally in the United States, and serves clients in English, French, and Chinese.

Roland Luo prosecutes and defends proceedings before all levels of court and tribunals, including:

  • The Superior Court and Court of Appeal for British Columbia;
  • The Federal Court of Canada;
  • The New York Supreme Court and Court of Appeal;
  • The United States Federal Court; and
  • Regulatory tribunals across Canada.

Disputes Over the Purchase & Sale of Land

Land disputes can have a substantial impact on a commercial project. Roland Luo and his team of experienced commercial litigators take decisive and timely action to protect clients’ interests and avoid business operations as much as possible.

Roland Luo advises parties to commercial real estate disputes on a variety of issues, including:

  • A party’s failure to obtain financing;
  • Breach of Purchase and Sale agreements;
  • Disagreements about property value and appraisals;
  • Actions for damages and specific performance; and
  • Commercial lease disputes, including eviction, abandonment, seizure of tenant assets, and property damage.

Construction Litigation & Builders Liens

Construction projects can be complex. As a result, any related disputes require an in-depth knowledge of the construction pyramid and the ever-changing landscape of construction and builders liens laws in B.C. and across Canada.

Roland Luo provides top-tier representation to any stakeholder in a construction dispute, including owners, contractors, subcontractors, designers, architects, engineers, labourers, and suppliers/vendors. The firm advises on all construction-related issues, including:

  • Procurement and tendering;
  • Builders liens;
  • Breach of contract;
  • Project delays;
  • Supply issues; and
  • Land disputes.

Contract Disputes & Debt Collection

Perhaps one of the most common types of business disagreement, contract disputes occur in a myriad of contexts in commercial law, including procurement, shareholder and partnership agreements, lease agreements, and many more. Roland Luo represents parties in breach of contract cases, including those that result in debt collection claims.

The skilled commercial litigation lawyers at Roland Luo advise on any matters arising from a contractual dispute or debt collection issue, including:

  • Pursuing or defending claims for damages arising from a breach of contract;
  • Real estate disputes involving a contract for the purchase and sale of land;
  • Loss of profits or business opportunities;
  • Commercial landlord-tenant disagreements;
  • Issues pertaining to shareholder or partnership agreements;
  • Defaults to provide goods or services under a vendor agreement;
  • Claims for specific performance; and
  • Injunctions to prevent a party from taking/continuing to take a particular action.

Professional Negligence

Negligence on the part of a professional can have serious consequences for their clients. Conversely, being the subject of a client complaint, a professional negligence claim, or a regulatory body investigation can permanently impact an individual’s reputation and career.

Roland Luo represents clients on either side of professional negligence cases and understands the numerous regulatory and legal systems involved. The firm advises on a multitude of professional negligence and liability issues, including:

  • Professional disciplinary investigations and proceedings;
  • Defamation, slander, and libel claims;
  • Negligence by a range of professionals, including lawyers, investment advisors, corporate directors and officers, accountants, and medical practitioners;
  • Licensing hearings and suspensions; and
  • Litigation for damages and losses caused by negligence.

Shareholder & Partnership Disputes

Shareholder and partnership disputes require quick, decisive action to prevent unnecessary business interruptions, operational delays, and reputational and relationship damage within an organization. Roland Luo has extensive experience advising parties to these disputes and creates personalized, effective legal solutions to reduce costly discord within a business.

The firm advises on a broad range of issues pertaining to shareholder and partnership disagreements, including:

  • Share valuation and buyouts;
  • Corporate structure and leadership responsibilities;
  • Closure of a business, winding up and liquidation of a corporation, or partnership dissolution;
  • Shareholder oppression remedies and derivative actions;
  • Breach of fiduciary duty by corporate directors or officers, including conflict of interest; and
  • Business opportunities.

Commercial Mediation

Mediation can be a cost-effective way to resolve commercial disputes with minimal conflict. Parties to commercial litigation can opt to mediate or may be bound by contract to attempt mediation in the event of a disagreement. Mediation can offer a confidential, amicable, and swift method for resolving disputes while maintaining business relationships.

Roland Luo represents individuals and businesses in commercial mediation to resolve a variety of issues, including contract disputes, vendor/supplier disagreements, and property matters.

Property Disputes in Multiple Jurisdictions

Roland Luo is uniquely positioned to represent clients in property disputes that span multiple jurisdictions. The firm’s founder, Roland Luo, is licensed to practice in British Columbia and New York and serves clients in English, French, and Chinese. His extensive experience empowers him and the Roland Luo team to advise clients on disputes involving multiple jurisdictions as well as cross-border concerns.

As a result of the diverse, cross-cultural nature of the services offered by Roland Luo, the firm is also able to advise on related immigration and family property issues as they arise.

Commercial Fraud Investigation & Claims

Dealing with commercial fraud involves complex financial and legal considerations and often requires urgent action to preserve evidence and locate stolen assets. Having an experienced commercial fraud lawyer is critical for effectively investigating and recovering defrauded funds.

Roland Luo takes decisive, effective action to help businesses with the investigation and litigation of commercial fraud, including the following issues:

  • Financial advisor, investment, and securities fraud;
  • Ponzi schemes;
  • Payroll fraud, wire fraud, and credit card fraud;
  • Asset misappropriation and inventory theft;
  • Fraud committed by employees, corporate directors, or officers;
  • Asset tracing and recovery; and
  • Injunctions, including Mareva and Anton Pillar orders.

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Clients of Roland Luo benefit from the firm’s wealth of experience in complex, multi-dimensional commercial litigation matters. The firm ensures newcomers and foreign property and business owners receive top-tier representation in the Canadian legal system by offering litigation services in English, French, and Chinese. Drawing on his unique, multi-faceted experience and extensive knowledge, the firm’s founder, Roland Luo, creates individualized, innovative legal solutions for each client.

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