Vancouver Family Lawyer

Roland Luo, founding partner of Roland Luo, draws from his extensive experience in cross-jurisdictional property matters to offer quality advice and representation in complex family law matters. The firm understands the highly emotional nature of family law matters and the significant financial and personal issues at stake.

The team at Roland Luo ensures clients are not treated as a number but instead receive personal, attentive, prompt file updates and answers to their questions. By offering their services in English, French, and Chinese, the firm ensures newcomers and foreign businesses and property owners receive top-tier representation when interacting with the Canadian legal system.

Multi-Jurisdictional Family Property Disputes

Individuals owning properties in multiple jurisdictions within and outside Canada face complicated, competing laws regarding the division of family assets. Roland Luo, the founding partner of Roland Luo, has experience representing clients in multi-jurisdictional family property disputes and has practiced within both the Canadian common and civil law systems.

The firm assesses every angle of each client’s unique circumstances and develops creative legal solutions to determine the correct jurisdiction and legal forum for resolving all outstanding property claims, including those relating to:

  • The family residence (sometimes referred to as “matrimonial home” in other jurisdictions);
  • Family business/commercial properties;
  • Land, residences and buildings owned in various Canadian, U.S., and international jurisdictions; and
  • Vacation and recreational properties.

Pension Division

Spouses’ pension plans can be some of their most substantial family assets and can be the basis of contentious family law litigation. Roland Luo helps clients navigate the complicated financial and legal landscape of pension division during the separation and divorce process.

Roland Luo advises clients on all issues relating to pension division, including:

  • Private vs. public sector pension plans;
  • Defined benefit vs. defined contribution plans;
  • Varying retirement dates;
  • Competing entitlements with new spouses after remarriage;
  • Joint and sole survivor calculations;
  • Death benefits; and
  • Beneficiary changes.

Family Mediation

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that, in many cases, is more affordable, private, and flexible than traditional courtroom litigation. A neutral third party, the mediator, is trained to facilitate productive discussions and assist the separated couple in coming to a mutual agreement on as many outstanding issues as possible. Once the couple agrees, their decision can be incorporated into a separation agreement and/or court order.

Family mediation can be a valuable way to reduce conflict and enable separated couples to reach their own agreements on a variety of issues, including parenting arrangements, spousal support, and property division. Roland Luo represents clients in family mediation, helping them to reach a swift, cost-effective resolution whenever possible.

Mobility & Relocation

Mobility and relocation are emotional, time-sensitive issues that may require swift legal action and court deadlines. The parent wishing to relocate (whether with the child or not) is required by B.C. family law to give the other parent, guardian(s) or other people who have mandated contact with the child(ren) at least 60 days’ notice of the proposed move. Any affected parties can file an objection with the court, after which a judge will consider whether the relocation is reasonable, the impact on the other parent/guardian’s relationship with the child, and any arrangements that should be made.

A parent’s decision to relocate with their child can seriously impact the other parent’s ability to see and make decisions for the child’s care. As with any decision involving children, the primary consideration for a court in a relocation case is the child’s best interests. Both federal and provincial family laws set out numerous factors for determining a child’s best interests, including (but not limited to):

  • The child’s emotional, physical, and psychological well-being;
  • The child’s views and wishes;
  • The child’s relationships;
  • The history of the child’s care;
  • Any family violence and its impact; and
  • The child’s cultural and religious background.

Roland Luo provides responsive, timely advice and personalized solutions in family mobility and relocation cases. With his experience in international law and multi-jurisdictional disputes, Roland Luo is uniquely positioned to provide unparalleled guidance to clients facing complex parenting arrangements.

Roland Luo: Providing High-Calibre Advice in Complex Family Law Matters in Vancouver

As a diverse, multi-lingual firm, Roland Luo proudly offers exceptional family law services to clients from various cultural backgrounds. By providing knowledgeable, experienced representation in complex family disputes, the firm’s family law team is able to offer cost-effective, accessible legal solutions in English, French, and Chinese.

Located within walking distance of the downtown courthouse and beautiful Vancouver waterfront, Roland Luo offers top-tier legal services in British Columbia, Ontario, and across Canada. To discuss your family law matter with a knowledgeable family lawyer, contact the firm online or by phone at 604-800-4628.